Is It True That Tolly Stars Kanchan Mallick and Shreemoyee Chottoraj Married Secretly?

Amidst the Poush month's tranquilly, Kanchan Mallick and Shreemoyee Chottoraj seem to have sealed their union in a clandestine wedding, sparking murmurs from Tolly to Telly Industry.

Questions arise: is their discreet marriage a precursor to a legal separation with Kanchan's current wife, Pinky? The secrecy surrounding their union hints at a deliberate attempt to keep it under wraps until legal matters are sorted.

In a recent interview, Kanchan posed a challenging question: "Our child is being born in a hospital? If possible, write that too."

On the flip side, Shreemoyee stated, "Note it down; I am pregnant. So Kanchan was forced to get married in the month of Poush!!"


Kanchan, caught in the media frenzy, expressed his astonishment. Busy with resolving significant issues, he shared that leisure is not on his agenda, raising eyebrows in the process.

On the other hand, Shreemoyee, having just concluded "Kamala O Shriman Prithviraj," dives back into the television scene with a new serial on Star Jalsha. She asserts that there's nothing unknown about their relationship, questioning why they would hide a marriage if there was nothing to conceal.

She further emphasises that no legal separation has occurred between Kanchan and Pinki. Shreemoyee contends that repeating a marriage is not in their plans unless they openly discuss their relationship, promising to inform everyone if and when they decide to take the matrimonial plunge again.

Yet, the truth remains elusive. Have they truly tied the knot, or is it all just a buzz? Only time will tell.

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