Indian Shooter Divyansh Panwar Sets World Record Clinching Gold In 10m Air Rifle!

In a spectacular display of skill, Divyansh Singh Panwar secured a gold medal in the 10 metre air rifle category at the World Shooting Championship in Paris, shattering the previous world record. Despite facing initial challenges in the Asian Games final, his unwavering determination triumphed, showcasing his prowess in this highly competitive field.

Panwar’s outstanding performance of 253.7 points in the final surpassed China’s Sheng Lihao’s previous record of 253.3 points. Reflecting on his victory, Panwar expressed confidence in his abilities and credited his success to dedicated training and unwavering self-belief.


Born in Rajasthan, Divyansh comes from a family with no prior connections to shooting. His father, Ashok Panwar, is involved in healthcare services. Notably, Divyansh gained recognition in 2019 by clinching successive gold medals in the World Junior Shooting Championship, setting the stage for his impressive journey to the Tokyo Olympics.

Despite a challenging Asian Games, Divyansh, on returning to his homeland, took a brief break from the sport. Guided by his coach, Deepak Kumar, he received advice on mental conditioning, leading him to rediscover his passion. This renewed focus culminated in his remarkable world record-breaking performance in Paris.

Currently, Divyansh holds the fourth position in the national rankings, earning him an opportunity to compete in the Paris Olympics trials. As the trials approach at the end of the year, all eyes are on Divyansh as he prepares to represent India at the grand stage of the Paris Olympics.

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