HS Board Has Completely Changed Their Education System, But What About CICSE And CBSE?

The landscape of higher secondary (HS) school education is witnessing a complete transformation in terms of examination methodologies and curriculum restructuring. However, amidst these sweeping changes, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) are signalling no immediate alterations in their respective frameworks.

The impending shift towards semester-based examinations, slated to commence in 2026, has been well documented. While the Higher Secondary Education Council is revamping both examination patterns and syllabi, the CBSE and CISCE boards have maintained a stance of continuity.

A recent announcement by the CBSE underscored that there will be no modifications in the syllabi or examination procedures for the eleventh and twelfth grades. School authorities under the CBSE have been informed that the curriculum for these grades will remain unchanged, and examinations will continue to adhere to the existing format.

However, the CBSE has indicated forthcoming revisions in textbooks for the third and sixth grades. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is in the process of developing new textbooks for these classes, which will soon be published.


Likewise, heads of schools affiliated with the CISCE have clarified that no directives have been issued regarding any alterations in the examination format for the twelfth grade, also known as the Indian School Certificate (ISC) examination.

Sujata Mukherjee, principal of J. D. Goenka Public School, emphasised the significance of the revamped national education policy, particularly highlighting the importance of the third and sixth grades. While acknowledging the potential for changes in the curriculum for these grades, he clarified that there have been no indications of alterations in the examination procedures for the twelfth grade under the CBSE.

On the other hand, Sujay Biswas, principal of Ram Mohan Mission High School under the CISCE, mentioned that the ISC curriculum has already been published. However, as of now, no directives have been received regarding the implementation of semester-based examination methods for the twelfth grade, starting in 2026.

Despite the paradigm shift underway in the educational landscape, the CBSE and CISCE boards maintain a stance of continuity, assuring students and educators of stability amidst the evolving educational framework.

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