How is the movie ‘Ardhangini,’ directed by Kaushik Ganguly?

Is it so easy to leave a relationship that you can leave? Can all habits be forgotten? Each of these things is highlighted in the recently released film 'Ardhangini,' which tells the story of the ups and downs of two women, highlighting the parallel struggles of past and present wives surrounding their ex- and present husbands. This movie highlights the patriarchal issues in our society and also teaches a very important lesson about humanity. The film unfolds the layers of complex equations, social conventions, and dynamics of affection within and beyond a family.



After 17 years of marriage, Suman Chatterjee (Kaushik Sen) and Shubhra Chatterjee (Churni Ganguly) get divorced. Suman was unable to be a father, but he refuses to accept it. As a result, they were forced to get separated. Despite Suman's repeated insults, Shubhra deeply loves him and has made an effort to stay with him in order to preserve their relationship. But, unfortunately, Subhra couldn’t save her relationship. After 3 years of their divorce, Bangladeshi Muslim singer Meghna (Jaya Ahsan) came into Suman's life, and they fell in love. But Suman’s family couldn’t accept her because of her religion. So, Suman was forced to leave his house in Bhawanipur and get married to Meghna. But suddenly, one day, Suman has a cerebral attack and falls into a comatose state. This is where everything turns upside down. What happens after that?

On seeing the poster of the film, it was quite obvious that both wives have equal participation in this movie. Kaushik Sen’s role was very limited. Basically, Churni and Jaya both steal the attention of the viewers. Churni did a great job acting as her ex-wife; the film primarily revolves around her point of view, which left her with a remarkable talent. Her ego and self-respect were just keeping her away from her ex-husband. But she helps Jaya every time, whenever Jaya needs her help. Jaya, who was shown as helpless and got help from Suman’s ex-wife, still shines throughout the movie. Her acting skills were fantastic. She is engaging and graceful, although her character is quite complex. Besides, Ambarish Bhattacharya steals the show by presenting himself as the unmarried youngest son in a large family. He has shown himself to be a dependable actor. Lily Chakraborty also does a great job as Suman’s mother. Kaushik Sen takes a masterclass in acting every time he gets screen time. Daminee Benny Basu sparkles in a small but significant role.


The camera directions and the background leave a mark. While the songs and the lyrics by Anupam Roy, Iman, and Sahana Bajpayee take the movie to another level, the powerful dialogues throughout the movie leave a spark and deliver a powerful social message to society.

Ardhangini is an example of a tasteful Bengali family drama, so go and watch the movie with your family!

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