Here’s What Ex-Brazilian Footballer Ronaldo Has to Say about Neymar’s Play -acting

Brazil’s star ex-footballer Ronaldo has defended his compatriot Neymar opposing the claims of the Saleceo forward’s play-acting.

Brazil’s no. 10 is under huge criticism for alleged play-acting.

In recent days,Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, Diego Maradona and Mexican coach, Juan Carlos Osorio had immensely censured Neymar’s tactics. Ronaldo, on the other hand,asked the critics to be more precise and claimed referees were not providing enough protection forNeymar. "We have to be more technical in our comments and not like punters in a bar," Ronaldo said during an event in Moscow.

Apart from all the criticism, Brazil team have played and reached round of 8. While Germany, Spain, Argentina and Portugal have made their way back home in the initial stages, Brazil have entered the final days of the World Cup.

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