Health benefits of Bay Leaves

Cooking is all about flavors and spices and India is quite famous for it. Besides adding flavors in your food these spices have some medicinal values as well. Bay leaf is one of the key ingredients of Indian cuisine. Bay leaves also have many health benefits in addition to having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Burn a few bay leaves and consume the powder. The health benefits of burnt bay leaves are:


1.Diabetic patients can consume the bay leaves as it lowers blood sugar levels and helps in insulin production. People suffering from type-2 diabetes can take them.

2.Rutin and Caffeic acid present in bay leaves strengthen the capillary walls of our heart and lower cholesterol levels, thereby maintaining our heart’s health.

3.Vitamins A, C, and zinc in bay leaves tend to boost the immune system, treat bowel syndrome or celiac disease and are good for eyes, nose, and throat.

4.Bay leaf is also effective in treating dandruff. Shampoo your hair as you do; just add bay leaves in cold water and rinse thoroughly with it.

5.Smell bay leaves for about 10 minutes every day to reduce your anxiety and enhance communication.


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