Gongoni Danga: Bengal’s Grand Canyon

On social media platforms we have all seen a post that says:

me: I want to travel the world

Bank account: say again..!!

We all have this tragedy in our life, at least most of us do. We have a bucket list of places where we want to travel. Many want to travel to Paris and have a dinner date on the Eiffel Tower or some may want a road trip on the rugged terrains of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. You can visit the replica of Eiffel Tower at Eco Park as a substitute. And for the Grand Canyon, if we say that there is a miniature Grand Canyon here in West Bengal only!

In the small town of Paschim Medinipur Garbeta lies the Grand Canyon of West Bengal, ‘Gongoni’. The locals call it “Gongoni Danga” or “Gongoni Khola”. The gorge is situated on the banks of Silabati river. The place takes you straight to the Wild West. The region also has red soil like other regions around it. The color of the gorge changes at different times of the day. the crimson soil on top of the gorge fades and gradually gets yellow as we slope down giving it an exquisite texture. The soil glows like gold when the rays of sun fall on them. The site is every bit of a western movie where we see cowboys riding around and whipping their lassos.


During the monsoon, a part of the river enters the gorge. It doesn’t have more than ankle-length water. There you can see the fishermen with their fishing net. This place has a mention in mythology as well. A cave spotted here has a mythological connection, it is known as ‘Bakasur’s Cave’. Bakasur’s Cave came up in Mahabharata during the exile of Pandavas.


The Gongoni Danga just looks surreal with its different hues, curves, and corners. From the top, it looks even more spectacular. You will believe it only if you see it with your own eyes. And trust us we are not exaggerating a bit when we say that it is the miniature version of Grand Canyon Arizona. Even the flatlands of West Bengal have some gorgeous gorges to feast your eyes. You can take a train from Santragachi station and reach Garbheta from there you can go by a cycle van. But if you wish to capture the gorge in its full glory then it is suggested that you visit early in the morning.

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