Ginger! to keep cold at bay!

Winter has been here for quite a while now and it is here to stay! It brought a lot of unwanted things with itself and communicable diseases are among them. So, we need to prepare our body for such adverse conditions. Fruits and vegetables help us fight against many diseases. And ginger is one such effective element which helps in preventing cough and cold. The gingerol and volatile oils in ginger having anti-inflammatory properties help in preventing or controlling flu, cold and cough.

Few home remedies that will help us keep a cough and cold at bay :


Ginger tea: Brew tea leaves with ginger and cinnamon in a cup of water and serves it hot.


Ginger Water: Just boil grated ginger in water and drink the strained mixture every morning.


Ginger with jaggery: Take some ghee in a pan, add grated ginger and a teaspoon of powdered jaggery. Cook it for two minutes and have it while it is still hot.

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