Ghosts at Presidency Correctional Home! Scared?

If you believe in ghosts, you are not alone. There are various cultures all around the world which believe in the existence of such “unearthly creatures”. No matter if you believe in the existence of ghosts or not, an incident that happened a couple of weeks back at Presidency Jail, Kolkata would certainly scare the hell out of your imagination.

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It was almost midnight when the office patrolling tower number 6 of Presidency Jail suddenly saw some figures moving around on the roof. The officer thought some prisoners trying to escape. Immediately, a team of 8 men were sent to the roof and they found nothing!  They even started counting heads. But they found no anomaly in the count and realized that no one has escaped.


(pc: Hindustan Times)

It is believed that the garden of prison cells is haunted. Well, this is one prison that still has the gallows where many freedom fighters in the British era were hanged. It is said that people can still feel some eerie vibes near the Aurobindo Cell, where freedom fighter Aurobindo Ghosh was confined for the Alipore Bomb case.

What do you feel? Was it Aurobindo Ghosh?

No one knows that and jail authorities refuse to believe that the Presidency correctional home is haunted.

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