From the Eye of Imagination

It is true that imagination has no boundary and it is not dependant on anything. And to prove that a young filmmaker of the city has come up with the movie ‘Paintings in the Dark’. Satyajit Daswill debut as a director with this film, ‘Paintings in the Dark’. The theme of the movie revolves around a young blind painter. Although, blind, he creates masterpieces from the things he hears around. He expresses his feelings and emotions on the canvas through his paintings. But his life changes due to a certain turn of events. The trailer of this film released recently and it adds just the right amount of mystery and excitement. The film has Rashed Rahman, SayanteeChattaraj, SreelaTripathyand others. They are all stage actors and possess an abundance of talent and flair.

Rashed will be seen as the main lead who is blind from birth but has the ability to portray everything flawlessly on the canvas. This will also be Rashed’s debut film as an actor. The actor says that this is a very challenging role for him and is very hopeful of this film. 

About Satyajit, he has worked as an assistant director for independent filmmaker Aneek Chaudhuri. Satyajit has big hopes for his film. He wants it to be screened on international platforms such as film festivals like Cannes before it hits the theatres. His movie is slated to release in August. It will be intriguing to see the journey of this visually impaired artist in film and what mysteries will it unravel.

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