Former Mohun Bagan Coach And National League Champion TK Chattunni Passes Away At The Age Of 79

Former Mohun Bagan coach TK Chattunni passed away on Wednesday morning at the age of 79. He succumbed to cancer after briefly battling the disease. Despite winning other battles, he accepted defeat in this one. 

Chattunni led the Green-Maroon Brigade to their first-ever National League championship. East Bengal won the Federation Cup under his leadership in 1997. Soon after, he took over Mohun Bagan and won the National League championship that same year, proving his coaching skills. 

Chattunni, a football player and coach, was born and raised in Trichur, Kerala. He represented various clubs, like Vasco (Goa) and Orkay Mills (Mumbai), and played for the national team. He showcased his skills internationally by donning the national jersey in 1973. Additionally, he played for Services, Goa, and Maharashtra, winning the Santosh Trophy. 

Chattunni was one of India's best coaches, along with becoming a well-known football player. He was a coach for a number of teams, including Viva Kerala, Kerala Police, Mohun Bagan, Salgaocar, and FC Kochi. 

The news of the demise of this former footballer and coach from Kerala has deeply saddened Satyajit Chattopadhyay, another ex-Mohun Bagan player who was part of the team's first National League victory. He remembers Chattunni's arrival at the club and how he changed Mohun Bagan. It's not easy to bring a team like Mohun Bagan or East Bengal to new heights, but Chattunni made a huge contribution.

Chattunni was often seen with a smile. Whenever he stepped foot in Kolkata, he would visit the Mohun Bagan club at least once. Even from Kerala, he would eagerly follow the football scene in Kolkata. His passing casts a shadow of sorrow over Indian football and the Kolkata Maidan.

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