The FIFA World cup 2018 is going to be noteworthy. This year might be the last for some of the notable players, as new squads with newer faces are being narrowed down upon.  Recently, Lionel Messi has hinted that this might be the last world cup he will be playing. The Argentine squad has a plethora of exceptional players who have shown their expertise in the European leagues. However, the national team has not lifted the cup since 1986, and they had the most despairing moments in three major successive matches: notably, the 2014 World cup, where they were mopped by Germany in the finals.

“I cried many times because of lost finals, for what they mean and for not being able to achieve the dream of my nation,” Messi was quoted saying to the Argentine television.

The squad has a shaky relationship with the Argentine media, with them being criticised often for not being able to hold up the nation’s name. Messi abstained from the circuit for a brief period of time following the Copa 2016 due to the severe criticism.

The luminary footballer will be turning 31 this year. Football critics do note that this might be the last time he and a few of his teammates would be seen together. “There’s not long to go and everything happens quickly. I’ve seen around the world just how much people want it to be a great World cup for me and Argentina. I have dreamt of lifting the trophy ever since I started playing,” he said.

Argentina will be facing Ireland, Croatia and Nigeria in the group stage.

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