Fall In….No! Let's Talk About How To “Fall Out” Of Love

“Love” a feeling so unexplainable. Everybody tends to fall in love at least once in their lifetime and always with the wrong person. Most of us build a strong infatuation for a person and misunderstand it with this feeling called “Love”. Obsessing over them, wasting our time and losing our dignity.


If you ever experience something like that for a person who clearly does not care, YOU NEED TO STOP IMMEDIATELY! Sit alone in silence and think if you are really in love or is it just to fill in the empty space in your life! Because there are times when we feel empty and lonely, and we often try to fill the spaces with such absurd feelings. Instead invest your time in something more productive which will help you build yourself. When you feel like this for a person instead of jumping to conclusion and calling it “Love” try taking up their positive habits and I’m sure you will feel fulfilled already.


If you fall for someone who dresses astoundingly good and is in perfect shape, just try imagining them in the complete opposite form, with a bulging belly and a shabby dressing sense. Would you still feel the same for them?

killer look


 Note down all the qualities of the person and analyse, what if you find someone else with the same qualities. Are you still going to feel the butterflies?

twin twin


Just take a moment and think about your life before you met that person. Think how peaceful it was!

Is that person really worth “your time”?

your memory


Just think of that time when you were 10! Remember a toy you wanted so bad that you thought your world would come to an end if you didn’t have it? But your life is perfect today even when you don’t have it. To be more precise it’s not even in your list of important memories.

younger you

These are just a few things which might help you realize that you’re much better than you think you are! You’re strong and better than yesterday!

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