East Bengal Secures Kalinga Super Cup, Now Eyes On AFC Champions League-2 Challenge!

After a 12-year wait, East Bengal triumphs in the Kalinga Super Cup, setting the stage for more glory. The Red-Yellow Brigade is now eyeing the upcoming Asian competition with renewed enthusiasm, having qualified for the AFC Champions League-2.

Notably, winning the Super Cup grants them the opportunity to participate directly in the group stage of the AFC Champions League-2, bypassing the preliminary rounds. However, even if they secure victory in the ISL matches, their entry into the group stage is contingent upon their Super Cup success.


East Bengal, now equipped with the qualification from the South Asian region, is set to compete in the next stage. The journey to the AFC Champions League-2 group stage begins, and they face stiff competition from clubs like Tajikistan’s Ravshan Kulob and Turkmenistan’s Ahal.

Three more clubs are yet to secure qualification, intensifying the anticipation for the upcoming battles. The stage is set for these clubs to vie for the coveted spots and join the fray in July, marking the commencement of this year’s qualification matches.

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