E-parking assistance for New Town residents

The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) has decided to provide e-parking assistance to the residents of New Town to do away with the parking hassles and to utilize each and every empty parking slot that is available. NKDA is going to install a state of the art mechanism which would use sensors to spot empty parking slots in the city and provide that information to the residents wishing to park their vehicles. The civic body will also launch a smart parking app which will be linked to the sensors, to help people get access to the information about the empty parking slots. NKDA will soon engage an agency to set up the new system. Debashis Sen, Chairman of NKDA informed about their plans to introduce such a smart e-parking assistance system which would help the residents spot empty parking slots in the city. He also mentioned that due to this system, even the parking slot at the farthest corner won’t remain empty and will be utilized. The sensors and its feed will also be linked to the GPS so that the drivers can reach the slots swiftly. Sen also informed that a new traffic regulatory system will also be installed in New Town which will operate with the help of the CCTVs to identify and punish drivers violating the traffic rules. 

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