Durgapur's 'Sonar Meye' Seamlessly Balances Family, Business, and Passion For Powerlifting, Know More

In a remarkable display of multitasking prowess, Seema Dutta Chatterjee, hailing from Durgapur, has captured attention for her exceptional abilities both on and off the stage. Recently seen on Zee Bangla's reality show, "Dadagiri," Seema caught the eye of audiences, as well as Sourav Ganguly, who expressed a desire to have a photo taken with her.

Seema, a native of Durgapur, manages to juggle marriage, family responsibilities, and a thriving business while still dedicating herself to regular physical fitness routines. During her recent appearance on stage, she astounded Sourav by deadlifting weights, showcasing not just her physical prowess but also her determination and discipline.

dadagiri Sourav Ganguly

Seema revealed that she was crowned the Asian champion in 2022, followed by winning six gold medals in the Asia-Pacific competition. Her accolades extend to winning gold in powerlifting at the Commonwealth Championships held in New Zealand. Her achievements serve as a testament to her dedication and skill in the sport.

Furthermore, Seema attributes much of her inspiration to Bengal's beloved icon, Sourav Ganguly, whom she has admired since her college days. She fondly remembers her college days when she would watch Saurabh in action, drawing motivation from his performances on the field.

Seema's story resonates with praise and admiration as she effortlessly manages to balance her roles as a homemaker, entrepreneur, and powerlifting enthusiast. Her ability to seamlessly integrate her passions into her daily life is truly commendable.

The viral video of Seema effortlessly deadlifting in a saree on stage has already captured the hearts of many on social media, further cementing her status as Durgapur's 'Sonar Meye'. 

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