Dhiren Solanki Made Millions Selling Donkey Milk In Gujarat! Know How

Dhiren Solanki, a resident of Patan district in Gujarat, has become a millionaire by selling donkey milk. Yes, you read that right! With 42 donkeys under his ownership, Dhiren has turned his business of selling donkey milk into a lucrative venture, earning millions of rupees.

According to reports, Dhiren sells one litre of donkey milk for 5,000 rupees, catering to the high demand for donkey milk in southern Indian states. His monthly earnings from selling donkey milk in these states amount to approximately 2–3 lakh rupees.

But how did Dhiren transition from a government job seeker to a successful dairy entrepreneur?

Dhiren revealed that he had been trying to secure a government job for many years without success. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities, he eventually joined a private organization. However, the salary he received there was insufficient to cover his household expenses, prompting him to explore other avenues.

Realising the high demand for donkey milk in southern India, Dhiren decided to leave his job and venture into the camel milk business. He discussed his plans with several people and carefully considered the feasibility of the idea. Eight months ago, he finally took the plunge into the business, investing 22 lakh rupees to purchase 20 donkeys and establish a dairy farm.

Initially, Dhiren faced challenges in his business, as there was little demand for donkey milk in Gujarat. However, he shifted his focus to the southern states, where the demand was higher. From his farm, he now sells milk to these states every month, earning a handsome profit.

The price of donkey milk varies from 5,000 to 7,000 rupees per litre, and Dhiren also sells donkey milk powder, priced at one lakh rupees per kilogramme.

Dhiren Solanki's story highlights the potential for innovative business ideas to transform lives and fortunes.

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