Dev as Raghu Dakat: Dev’s New Shoulder-Length Hair Is Creating Buzz Among Fans! What Is The Reason Behind?

Amidst his busy political schedule, Tollywood's beloved superstar Dev has emerged with a striking new look. Sporting shoulder-length hair, he has piqued the curiosity of many.

But what prompted this sudden change? Fans are abuzz with questions.

Reports suggest that Dev's new appearance is in preparation for his upcoming role in the much-anticipated film "Raghu Dakat." Director Dhrubo Banerjee had earlier announced his plans to cast Dev in the lead role. However, due to various reasons, shooting for the film has yet to commence.

Speculations are rife that once the elections conclude, Dev will dive headfirst into the film's preparation. The film, based on the thrilling tale of "Raghu Dakat," promises to be a riveting watch for audiences. Written by Jogendra Nath Gupta, the story delves into the adventurous escapades of Raghu Dakat. 

Director Dhrubo Banerjee's vision for the film hints at a portrayal that goes beyond the surface, delving into the complexities of Raghu Dakat's character. Dev's transformation, including his distinctive hairstyle, seems to align with this nuanced portrayal.

Sources reveal that shooting for the film is scheduled to commence in November of this year. Furthermore, it's been confirmed that Dev will collaborate closely with SVF, the production company behind the project. As anticipation builds for "Raghu Dakat," fans eagerly await Dev's on-screen portrayal of the iconic character. 

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