Debolina is excited for her Hindi debut

Actress Debolina Dutta is ready for her Hindi debut. Titled ‘Rajnandini’, the film’s poster, trailer and music was launched at Press Club in presence of Debolina Dutta, director Tanmoy Roy, producer Sudhir Dutta, singer Rakhi Dutta and others. 

The story revolves around a treasure hunter, retired archaeology professor Fernandez, who leads two college groups in an excursion to Neel Haveli. The century old mansion in Kishangunj stands tall beholding all the glorious history of lust and betrayal. Behind the excursion, Professor Fernandez search for a gem studded shrine which is believe hidden in Neel Haveli. The story takes interesting turn the moment Nandini’s spirit appears. Debolina will be seen as Nandini, who was the princess of Neel Haveli. 

Speaking with Debolina, she said, “I am elated to share the news with the audience that it is my first Hindi film ever. The storyline is different and interesting.” Apart from Debolina, Sudesh Berry, Biswajit Charabaorty, Sudhir Dutta, Shantana Basu, beautiful Sneha will be playing key role in the film. 

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