Colours: Life in Rainbow

Everywhere we gaze, it is all about colours. Even a white light is an amalgamation of seven beautiful colours. If we analyze few things, we can easily make out that even in the ad film makers in media are obsessed with colours and its hues. Even we, the common people show our enthrallment, to be honest mania regarding the choice of colours not only for our dress but also for our own houses, cars and many more. Now to go deeper into it, we have talked to psychologists who are into research relating the influence of colours on human life. Let us now check how colours can be so persuasive in our lives.

  • Try and notice, when we are sad we show our inclination towards light colours but we love to keep our room dark. Don’t you really think that these differentiations are very stimulating?
  • We have preset notions for all the occasions like in nuptial ceremonies or anniversaries we wear bright solid colours that portrays vibrancy. But in any death anniversary or related programs we wear white or beige coloured dress. Even if fortuitously it gets exchanged, it gives a weird awkwardness to all of us yet there is no such hard and fast rule about which colour to wear and which not.
  • When painting our home, we prefer white or any other light colours for kitchen and bathroom. This is because it symbolizes cleanliness and purity. It gives a soothing feeling to the user. Scientifically speaking, on white colour dirt, insect etc. are easily visible. Places that crave extra care should have light colours.
  • Red is very passionate a colour. It brings joy and life to the user. It is full of energy. Therefore, most of the people prefer red and its other variety for any joyous occasion
  • Green brings balance to us. It is the source of energy as we all know plants are green. It has many shades and people very frequently use them as their wall paints.
  • Black is a very mysterious colour. It is pretty gorgeous and daring too. Though in many places people consider wearing black to be unlucky in any festivity.
  • Grey or Silver matte is a very sober colour. It resembles sincerity, seriousness and solemnity. Gravity in the personality of the user is actually the keyword.

Most of the time, we have a tendency to evaluate people according to their dressing sense and choice of colours. If we are truly sentient of the scientific explanations behind these, this can be one of the most thought-provoking subjects to get into. With time we will get into more detailed discussion. Let us altogether make our life more colourful with time.  

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