Cinematic Marvel Unfolding in Cooch Behar: 'Meera' Promises A Journey Through History And Culture

In a cinematic endeavor that places Cooch Behar at its core, a captivating film titled ‘Meera’ is in the making, aiming to showcase the city's essence in a unique light. Under the directorial prowess of Babai Sen, this Bengali film promises to unfold the tapestry of Cooch Behar's agriculture, culture, and tourism.

Renowned actor Kharaj Mukherjee leads a talented ensemble, including both Tollywood stars and local artists, ensuring a rich tapestry of performances. The film not only features stars but also showcases the talents of various local artists, whose collective brilliance permeates the entire narrative.

Named ‘Meera’, the film, according to its creators, aspires to kindle the interest of many in Cooch Behar. Babai Sen, the director, expresses his vision of portraying the city's heritage through a cinematic lens, promising an engaging story that goes beyond mere entertainment.

Producers Sajol Barman and Raj Thakur assure that ‘Meera’ is not just a film; it's a cinematic tribute to Cooch Behar's tourism and historical legacy. Music director Ashok Bhadra adds his magical touch to create an immersive experience.

Director Babai Sen reveals that the film, spanning over two hours, will feature three soul-stirring songs. Furthermore, the storyline incorporates the character of Madanmohan Bari's priest, portrayed by Kharaj Mukhopadhyay, who returns to Kolkata after concluding his first acting stint.

Sajol Barman emphasizes the film's roots in Cooch Behar's cultural heritage, involving local artists in its creation. Meanwhile, Raj Thakur discloses that the post-production work, including editing, will take place in Mumbai.

‘Meera’ transcends language barriers, with plans for release in Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi languages.

With pre-production in full swing, the team aims to bring ‘Meera’ to audiences soon, anticipating a warm reception both in theaters and on various platforms. The film not only promises to be a visual treat but also a cultural odyssey, capturing the spirit of Cooch Behar for audiences far and wide.

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