Chandigarh enjoys first Bengali film screening

Dev, the Shankar of “Amazon Obhijan” feels that Bengali films have previously received screening in places like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi etc. but this is for the first time they wanted the people of Chandigarh also to feel the true flavours of a Bengali movie. There are in fact good numbers of bengalees in Chandigarh now and therefore it is a golden opportunity for them to take a glimpse of the Bengali feel.

“Amazon Obhijan” hit the screens on 22nd December 2017 and after that people have given a mixed feeling regarding the success of the movie. But the undeniable fact is this is probably the first time Bengali films are spending so much after the location and movie making.

Harish Mehla is the concerned person of Chandigarh Creative Cinema Circle and he feels elated for the release of the movie over there. He thinks that this is definitely a positive change for the people over there and they would welcome it in the best possible way. Chandigarh sees the Tamil, Telegu, Marathi and other language films only in the clubs. Therefore this is now quite encouraging for them and future generations as well.

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