CESC sets all time record for power demand

The scorching heat has resulted in the Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC) registering and an all-time record demand for electricity.

On Wednesday at about 3 pm, the demand for power touched the 2262 megawatt mark which is a record demand in a day in the history of CESC.

However, authorities said that there was no problem in supply of power to their 33 lakh consumer. They said that if the temperature didn’t come down the demand graph for electricity will keep going up and might better Wednesday’s record and that is why necessary provisions are being made to meet the rising demand.

CESC sources said that on June 19, 2017 the highest recorded daily demand for power was 2159 megawatt which was the all-time highest so far. In 2018, the highest daily demand was on 18 June, which was 2131 MW.

Wednesday’s 2262 megawatt demand of power was met with 1369 MW of electricity from CESC’s own generation unit and 893 MW was from imports.

It was found out that owing to cyclone Fani, the demand for electricity had fallen sharply but as soon as it got over, the demand shot up. Senior CESC officials said that on May 6, the highest daily demand for power was 1728 MW and the next day it jumped up to 2139 MW. “Running of air-conditioners owing to the rising temperature is the main reason for the rise in demand but in the future too load up-gradation permission for more air-conditioning machines would be given seamlessly. We are working towards it,” said Avijit Ghosh, vice president (distribution). He said that it has been observed in the past years that the highest demand for power under CESC area was during the month of June. “Thus if the weather condition remains unchanged, there is every chance that the demand will go past the present record,” he said and added that whatever be the demand, steps were being taken to meet the demand and that customers’ applications for upgrading power supply to run air conditions were being promptly sorted.



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