‘Cake-O-Holic’ Kolkata’s New Addiction

Baking is a creative process and a fulfilling activity. You feel amazing because what you make is going to feed people.Debdatta Gupta a baker from Kolkata has proved to be the new era woman who along with pleasing people with her baking skills also manages her family and her kid. Baking gives her immense joy hence; she chose to start up her own baking business that she operates from her Salt lake home. Kolkatans love foods and sweets are an essential part. No occasion is complete without the desserts. And cakes are becoming the part of every occasion- birthday, baby shower, marriages of any other formal occasions. The ‘City of Joy’ is incomplete without a sweet dish.


So, to satisfy a sweet tooth here we are introducing you to a new baker in town.While talking to Jiyo Bangla Debdatta shares her life’s experiences.

On asking how she organizes, plans, and prioritize her work. She says, “Being a Homemaker and a mother to a four year kid automatically teaches you how to be organized and planed. However as I always wanted to do something of my own I have learnt a great deal of time management and jotting down things that I need to do  on a daily basis, like checking my inventory,checking the upcoming orders,learning new things about baking and decorating cakes. “

She tells about how the idea of starting a baking business emerged in her mind and how she headed towards it. She added that “I have worked in an MNC for five years and post conceiving my baby I decided that I will give more time to family. However, the ambition to do something of my own never died and after my kid was grown three years, I started brainstorming on some work that I can operate from home.”


She had also tried her luck in some other business like baby boutiques and cosmetics but they didn't turn out well and moreover they didn't satisfy her. Hence, she started baking at home for family, just as hobby and got good feedbacks and gradually started learning more about the "Art of Baking" and finally started her own business.

While sharing the state of her inventory and records she says,  “I make sure to keep my Inventory full as orders that come any time,so I have to be ready with my things. I do have all basic tools for baking and decorating a cake however if my customer orders something that's not there in my kitchen I get it from the market,without any delay.I keep records of every order that I have completed till now along with customers feedback on the cake.”

Speaking about her Improvements she says, “Improvements are never ending, that's how a business runs. However, right now I would like to add a bigger oven to my kitchen which will give me opportunity to bake bigger cakes, especially bigger tired cakes and also other cakes in more quantity and less time. I would also like to add another large refrigerator to my kitchen because the rising temperature in this city is very challenging and always threatens to mess up the cakes.”


Starting a cake baking business in this city is not a cakewalk, and it was also applicable for Debdatta too. The biggest hurdle that she faced was finance. As no money inflow from anywhere to learn baking from any Chef or attend any baking workshops or even buy baking tools. However, YouTube came really handy.  She spent hours and hours to learn baking from YouTube channels.

Simultaneously, she started brainstorming about baking and decorating cakes and she knew that it will take more than usual, so she never gave up. Slowly yet steadily she kept buying various tools for baking and decorating a cake, which made it easier and even till date she spends minimum an hour to learn something new aboutbaking.

She added, ”I turned out to be lucky because every order that was placed by my customers was completely different hence it broadened the horizon of learning.”


Regarding the whole process from baking till the delivery of the cake she says, “I have a set of questions for my customers when they call like the kind of cake and it’s flavor, delivery location and all. Once customer decides on everything and confirms the order by making a partial payment for the cake, then my actual work begins. I bake at home, in my kitchen. Then decorate it as per customer's requirement which may or may not involve customization. Once the cake is set and ready I arrange for packaging. I get the cake boxes online or at times from a local food decor shop. Then we do the delivery at customer preferred time. I have option for delivery where I deliver on my own with reasonable delivery charges and also another option where customers can carry it from my doorstep.”


She further adds, ”With the popularity of cakes amongst everyone I aim to make my customer's occasions more special by making custom cakes for them at very reasonable charges.”

Go for it! All it needs is focus, nurturing and never give up attitude. One can choose any business including baking but never get disheartened on any failure. What could be better than staying at home, being able to give time to your family along with pursuing your passion and also earning pretty good from it?” She concludes.


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