Body bushes are not that gross

Body hair is very important for maintaining skin health because each hair follicle does not just produce a hair fibre, but also contains masses of blood vessels, nerves and fat around it. For the very reason, wound on the outside of arm heal better compared to a wound on the inside of the arm. But good news is that removing hair by the means of shaving or waxing does not reduce these benefits because the hair follicles remain intact. Body hair also protect from the harmful and uncomfortable sun rays. In the early days body hair used to be the only garment that kept our prehistoric ancestors warm and protected them from environmental impact such as sunlight.

Therefore, to sum up, the benefits of having body hair are:

Keeps your body cool.



Protects you from wounds.



Heals the wounds better, if any.



Protects from the sun rays.



Increases blood circulation.

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