Bengali’s never ending love for Chutney

A Bengali can stay away from laal par shada saree, mishit doi but can never stay away from their beloved varieties of chutney.

You will always find a Bengali hogging over a generous amount of chutney every time they finish their meal. Now, Bengali people bestow their love upon the delicacy in variety of forms like “papaya chutney”, “tomato chutney”, “mango chutney”, “pineapple chutney”, “date chutney”, “dry fruit chutney”, “tamarind chutney”, “mixed fruit chutney”, “jujube chutney” (kul er chutney), “elaeocarpus chutney” (jolpai chutney), “dillenia chutney” (chaltar r chutney), “hog plums chutney” (amra r chutney).

If you have any other varieties then feel free to add it to our list.

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