Bengali TV Series Rankings Unveiled: Who Reigns 'Supreme' This Week?

In the ever-changing landscape of Bengali television, this week's TRP rankings have unveiled the reigning champions. The battle for supremacy continues between two giants, Zee Bangla and Star Jalsha.

For months, Zee Bangla's "Jagadhatri" had firmly held the top position on the TRP charts. However, a new contender has emerged, shaking up the hierarchy. This week, it's the dynamic duo Parna-Srijon from Zee Bangla's "Neem Fuler Modhu" who claim the coveted spot. Their stellar performance has earned them a remarkable 8.3 rating, dethroning the erstwhile champion.

Securing the second position with an impressive 8.2 rating is "Jagadhatri," maintaining its stronghold on viewers' hearts. Meanwhile, Star Jalsha's "Phulki" grabs the third spot with an 8.0 rating, closely followed by "Geeta L.L.B." in fourth place with a rating of 7.9.


The arrival of the new serial "Bodhua" has added another layer of intrigue to the competition. As audiences eagerly await its reception, the dynamics of the TRP rankings are poised for further upheaval.

Each week brings forth new twists and turns in the realm of Bengali television. 

Let's look at the rankings this week:

  1. Neem Fuler Modhu (8.3)
  2. Jagadhatri (8.2)
  3. Phulki (8.0)
  4. Geeta L.L.B. (7.9)
  5. Katha (7.3)
  6. Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche (7.2)
  7. Kar Kache Koi Moner Katha (6.5) 
  8. Anurager Chowa (6.3) 
  9. Sondhyatara/Bodhua (6.2)
  10. Alor Kole (5.7)

And the saga continues, with viewers eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this thrilling tale of TRP dominance.

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