Bengali Mountaineers Embark On Expedition To Conquer Elusive Himachal’s Peaks

Two Bengali mountaineers are set to embark on an expedition to scale two prominent peaks in Himachal Pradesh: Shikar Beh (6200 metres) and the Gupt Parbat (6159 meters). This daring adventure marks their latest endeavour after their successful ascent of Dhoulagiri (8167 metres) in the Himalayas.

Chirag Chatterjee, a major in the Indian Army, has a remarkable track record in mountaineering, having previously conquered Everest-Lhotse. Last year, he etched his name in history by leading a team to the summit of Brahma Peak in Kashmir. Now, he and his companions are gearing up for another challenging feat in the rugged terrain of Himachal Pradesh.

Joining Rudraprasad Halder on this expedition are a group of seasoned climbers who made headlines last year with his Everest expedition. Their objective is not just personal conquest but to push the boundaries of mountaineering in India.


Halder and his team are well-prepared and determined to overcome the challenges posed by the treacherous peaks. Along the way, Rudraprasad's companions are seven-horn winner Satyarup Siddhant, Brahma winner Rudraprasad Chakraborty, Nathalim Naskar, Debashis Majumder, Uddipan Halder, Tuhin Bhattacharya, Chayan Chatterjee, and new members Dipashree Pal and Nandish Kalimani.

The route to Shikar Beh presents formidable obstacles, with steep inclines and unpredictable weather conditions. Lack of established base camps and unmapped territories add to the complexity of the journey. Despite these challenges, the team remains undeterred and has devised alternative strategies to navigate through the rugged terrain.

As they set out on this ambitious journey, the Bengali mountaineers carried with them the spirit of adventure and determination. Their expedition not only showcases their individual prowess but also highlights the untapped potential of Indian mountaineering. With courage and perseverance, they aim to etch their names in the annals of mountaineering history once again.

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