Bengali and Bhaat; A never-ending relation

Every place on this planet has their special food item and those places become synonymous to those dishes. like in India Rajasthan is famous for its Dal Bati Churma, Goa for Vindaloo, Kolkata for rosogolla and misti doi and there are many more. Bengalis are known foodies and wherever we go we cannot stay without ‘bhaat’. Rosogolla and mishti doi end our meal but bhaat is omnipresent. Be it with only alu seddho and ghee or with mutton curry on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Bhaat in any form is welcomed in a Bengali palate. Few of the epic combinations that go with bhaat are ghee and gondhoraj lebu, mutton or chicken curry with a dash of lime juice and the most iconic duo is ‘bhaat’ and ‘machher jhol’. If you are a Bengali then be sure that someone will hurl this line at you: “is your favorite dish bhaat and machher jhol?” We are Bengali and proud of our food choices. For once you can separate a Bengali from their roots but not from their food. In a way, our food is also a part of our culture and hence our roots. An ideal Sunday afternoon for us is to have rice with our favorite dish and take a long afternoon nap; nothing is more satisfying to the soul than this.  

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