Bengal Gets Mobile Medical Check Up Van

To ensure better treatment for the people residing in the outskirts of Kolkata, KMC has introduced the concept of mobile medical checkup van. The grim reality is; it becomes tough for the people from distant areas to get the emergency services right on time.

The medical checkup van will roam around 60 wards and there will be an adequate supply of medicines too. Mayor Shovon Chatterjee along with other senior officials introduced these medical checkup vans on Monday.

Mayor emphasized the prevention policies of dengue and other related diseases. At this moment, KMC is working throughout the year and public awareness is mandatory. On that day 5 medical checkup vans were put into action and these will remain active for four hours in the morning and evening consecutively.

A few advanced pathologies are also opened. High profile blood tests will be done in these diagnostic centers. Six out of all laboratories are decked up with all the necessary amenities to fight out the prevailing challenges. The employees are also given proper training to go along with the task.

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