Bengal fire brigade to use robots and drones

The West Bengal Fire Brigade has decided to acquire electronic gadgets like robots and drones for firefighting. The fire brigade has reported that time and again circumstances have occurred when fire fighters were unable to reach to the origin of fire to put it out due to extreme heat, excessive smoke or possibility of explosions. But heat resistive robots or drones will easily be able to deal with these situations and fire fighters won’t have to risk their lives in order to control situations like this. The fire proof robots and drones will also be able to withstand explosions giving it another plus point in tackling intense fire situations. Deploying these robots and drones in critical situations will reduce the risks of fire fighters in case of explosions. Jag Mohan, Bengal Fire Brigade Director General said, “We have floated a tender and will be acquiring four robots and two drones to fight fires. These can be pressed into action at the most hazardous fires where the possibility of explosion is very high”.

afire (2)

The drones will be able to fly over the fire and will be able to assess the intensity of the blaze and assist the firefighters since they are equipped with thermal imaging, while the remote controlled robots will carry out critical tasks remotely. These electronic gadgets can also be used to raise awareness related to fire prevention among the youths.  

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