Beat the tanning this summer with these easy home-made DIY

Its summer time Kolkatans!! Though summer is the season of the king of fruits- Mangoes and our all-time favorite ice-golas. But to eat them we have to go out and suffer from tanning and sunburns in the prickly heat of the city. So to prevent them, you need to look at the easy and quick homemade DIY ideas to fight the tanning this summer season to keep your skin pretty and beautiful.


1. Applying Cabbage leaves- When it comes to sunburn, cabbage serves as magic to our skin. Apply cold leaves of the cabbage to the affected areas for 10-15 minutes and repeat this process twice a week to see a magical result.



2. Vicks as anti-sunburn – who knew that Vicks can do a miracle for sunburn? Yes, you heard it right. Take a small amount of Vicks in your fingers and apply on the sunburn area. Repeat this once a week to see effective results.



3. Ice: the savior- Applying ice is the most effective method for removing the tan. Wrap some ice cubes in a cotton cloth and gently apply to the effective area. It helps in making us feel fresh and tan-free.



4. Saffron and milk cream- Mix edible milk with saffron and blend till it forms a paste. Apply this every night and leave it overnight to get a tan-free as well as fairer skin.

milk (1)


5. Curd: Applying curd helps in making our skin softer and tan-free. Apply curd on the affected areas for 10-15 and then wash it off gently with cold water. Repeat this process for 1 week to get your favorable result.



6. Almonds, the exfoliator: Almonds serves as an appropriate exfoliator making our skin glow. Soak 1 cup of almond for 3-4 hours. Grind a thick paste of the soaked almonds and gently scrub the tanned areas. This not only helps in making our skin tan-free but also enriches our skin to appear healthy.


These remedies will definitely serve you as your savior for the summer season and will let you enjoy the season in the ‘City of Joy’!

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