Aura Lies in its Ambience

The reputation of a Café depends not only on its food but on other things as well and the ambiance of the restaurant. Food treats our taste buds, but the other sensory organs also play a very important role. While deciding on a place to hang-out place we often use the phrase, ‘that place has a good ambiance’. This phrase, ‘good ambiance’ another aspect of shortlisting a café or restaurant. The ambiance includes the place’s interior design, lighting, table-spacing, and staff-behavior. 

How does the ambiance help a café? 

Maybe, the food is really delicious but if the seating arrangement is cramped or the music and lighting is dull and inappropriate it can kill your mood and ruin the evening. In addition to the food, if the ambiance is good then it will retain the customers. If the restaurant is successful in impressing the customers, they will spread the good word and bring in new customers in turn. According to research, the atmosphere impacts the customers’ cognitive, emotional, and psychological state. The food service industry is very competitive as every alternate someone starts a new restaurant or café. The décor and ambiance are what makes a restaurant stand out from the rest. Soon, a café with a homely ambiance where the comfort of the customers is of utmost priority is coming up in the city. 

Cafe #377 is a place where you can mingle freely in addition to great food.

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