“Atin Ela and Char Adhyay” Premiered in Mukti World

“Atin Ela and Char Adhyay” is the presentation of the director Sankha Ghosh and it was premiered today 23rd February 2018 in Mukti World in the presence of the director and the production team.

It is actually hard-hitting to present Tagore because it is possible that critics will come up with their own thoughts and views but Ghosh was desperate enough to think of making it in his own way. “It is purely experimental and Char adhyay is in fact very controversial a novel since 1934. It mainly deals on exploitation, how young generation is getting involved into the reign of terrorism and they are losing their moral values, humanity and love. From there I extracted the scenario of today, how terrorism has grasped the society along with the Maoists and Naxalites” says Sankha Ghosh.

“Atin Ela and Char Adhyay” is actually an apolitical story based on Rabindranath Tagore’s novel “Char Adhyay” in 1934 but portrayed undeniably in contemporary set-up. The movie of 102 minutes showcased a fresh talent Trishna Mukherjee who did justice to the role according to the director Sankha Ghosh. Even the bold scenes were performed by Trishna quite naturally. Sandeep Mishra has also done his best and performance of Debashis Goswami (background voice) was commendable too.

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