Actor Ranojoy Bishnu Was Hospitalised After Suddenly Losing Consciousness! How Is he now?

Actor Ranojoy Bishnu was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night after suddenly losing consciousness at his residence. The incident occurred shortly after returning from a shooting schedule. According to reports, Bishnu had been working tirelessly for the past few days and had been feeling unwell for the past 15 days.

His condition deteriorated on Tuesday when he experienced a sudden drop in blood pressure, leading to his collapse at home. Sources close to the actor revealed that the recent high-stress environment may have contributed to his health issues.

After spending the night at the hospital, Bishnu was discharged on Wednesday morning. However, doctors have advised him to take ample rest to recover fully. Despite their recommendations, Bishnu is determined to continue shooting for his ongoing mega-serial, stating that he feels a sense of responsibility towards his work.


The actor expressed gratitude for the support he has received from the serial's production team during this challenging time. He also assured fans that he will prioritise his health and take breaks whenever necessary, even if it means temporarily withdrawing from public appearances and social media.

Ranojoy Bishnu is currently starring in the popular serial "Kono Gopone Mon Bheseche" and has several films awaiting release. Despite his health setback, he remains committed to his craft and appreciates the understanding and encouragement from his fans and well-wishers.

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