Actor Ranojoy Bishnu Poetry With Neil Chatterjee: Ranojoy Bishnu Explores Poetry With Neil Chatterjee, Will He Pursue A New Profession, Leaving Acting Behind?

Ranojoy Bishnu, known for his roles in Tollywood, is now venturing into a new world of creativity. The actor, hailing from the hinterlands, has had a challenging journey to his current status as one of Tollywood's busiest actors. Witness to life's various ups and downs, Bishnu has now taken up the pen alongside his acting career.

But why this sudden shift towards writing alongside acting? He told the media that his idea had been brewing in Bishnu's mind for quite some time. He confessed that whenever something struck him or he felt a surge of emotions, he would pen it down. He modestly refers to his writing as mere "scribblings," but they have resonated with many.

Also, Bishnu has found a companion in fellow actor Neil Chatterjee. A video shared on social media shows Bishnu reciting his own written pieces while Chatterjee sings along. The duo has expressed their desire to collaborate further, with Bishnu revealing that finding a good companion has been a long-standing wish.

Bishnu has been dabbling in writing for the past 6–7 years, drawing inspiration from his own life experiences. While he admires the works of eminent writers like Mahadev Saha, Humayun Ahmed, Bhaskar Chakraborty, and Srijato, he has clarified that he has no plans to pursue writing as a profession. For him, writing serves as an outlet for his inner thoughts and feelings.

Currently, Bishnu is seen portraying the character of "Aniket" in the television series "Kono Gopone Mon Bheseche on Zee Bangla. 

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