A trip to ‘Mama Bhagne’

Birbhum the land of red soil is famous for many tourist attractions, Shantiniketan being the most famous one. In Birbhum  lies a lesser known place which has gained popularity in recent years, the ‘Mama Bhagne Pahar’. It is in the easternmost part of the Chota Nagpur Plateau.

The Mama Bhagne Pahar is a rock formation having granite boulders one on top of another. This unusual rock formation is a famous landmark of the state. It is situated near the Dubrajpur town of Birbhum. There is a temple at the base of this formation and the deity worshipped here is an avatar of Lord Shiva, known as Pahareshwar.

The Mama Bhagne Pahar has been a backdrop for one Satyajit Ray’s Feluda story; titled as ‘Robertsoner Ruby’. Not only that Ray used this formation as the thematic motif for his film ‘Abhijan’. Apart from the iconic hill, there is a lot of bolder in that area. This place gives a sense of adventure and ruggedness so if you want to go for an offbeat weekend trip then Mama Bhagne should be there on your bucket list.

How to reach there?

Birbhum is well connected with other parts of the state via Kolkata and Howrah. Suri is the headquarters of the district and is well connected with Kolkata by roads.

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