A Massive Airplane Collides With A Lightpost On Jessore Road, Shocking Many People!

In a startling incident on one of Kolkata's busiest thoroughfares, Jessore Road, a mammoth aircraft collided with a light post, creating chaos and astonishment among onlookers. The bustling artery connecting Kolkata and North 24 Parganas, witnessed a rare spectacle as the aircraft, reportedly purchased by a Punjab-based organisation, veered off course and met with the light post's obstruction.

Eyewitnesses describe the scene as surreal, with the aircraft's sheer size dwarfing the surrounding vehicles and structures. Despite the gravity of the situation, no major casualties were reported, alleviating fears of a catastrophic disaster. However, questions lingered about the circumstances leading to the aircraft's unexpected detour.

The aircraft in question, identified as an Airbus A319 belonging to Air India, reportedly faced mechanical issues, prompting its diversion from its intended course. Sources reveal that the aircraft's age and condition rendered repair efforts futile, culminating in its acquisition by the Punjab organisation. 

The ill-fated journey of the aircraft took a dramatic turn near BT College, where it encountered a light post along National Highway 34. The impact shattered the tranquilly of the bustling road, drawing crowds of curious onlookers and triggering a flurry of social media activity.

Speculation abounds regarding the fate of the aircraft, with some suggesting its potential conversion into a restaurant, hotel, or tourist attraction. However, authorities confirm that the aircraft will remain grounded along the roadside, awaiting transportation back to Punjab under the cover of night.

As the sun sets on this extraordinary episode, Kolkata's denizens are left to ponder the mysteries of flight and the fragility of human endeavours, while the once vibrant thoroughfare of Jessore Road bears witness to an unexpected twist in its storied history.

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