A Doctor’s Noble Work

As part of a mortal life, every human is bound to get sick once in a while and needs proper care rest and guidance from trained and specialised professional doctors to get better. On the other hand, the profession of a doctor is a challenging one but equally serves a noble purpose, with the pledge to save lives of ordinary people seeking help at times of distress. However, times have changed and every profession or ideals ingrained in a profession has changed through the year, adding money as one of the important aspects defining most of the professional fields. The hunt for a proper livelihood has plagued many to work for the money involved in a job.

Noble professions, such as a Doctor’s, has often came under the shadow of corruption that affected lives of ailed ones in need of help. Apart from these, in a time where, price common goods are rising at every alter, a doctor’s fees have also increased in past few years as the people below the poverty line were the most to suffer. To keep the hope alive, Dr. Gauranga Goswami is man following the years old ideal of being a doctor by serving his time to treat people in his area, in return of a minimal fees of Rs.5. Dr. Goswami is a graduate of Calcutta Medical College, but he quit his Masters in Surgery in his 2nd year due to the Emergency situation across India in 1984 as a believer of the Leftist movement in West Bengal. This also opened a path for him to serve his kindness among his neighbourhood in Kalna, his hometown, 80kms from Kolkata. His family carries a distinct legacy of helping people with his grandfather, another doctor started the noble cause in the same room where now Dr. Gauranga Goswami practises.

His work for the common people has earned him a lot of praise and his efforts are transparent when 100 and often around 200 patients gather around his house and the waiting room as well, and he sometimes attains 4 patients at a time to help as many people as possible. Added with that he also precedes a reputation of never sending a patient back if it is in his power to help the ones in need. His urge to help ordinary people also helped him become the Councillor of Kalna Municipality and he has also served as the Chairman of Kalna Municipality before, which shows his undying contribution for the masses. People like Dr. Goswami has been working day and night with the sheer cause to help more people which needs to be acknowledged and most importantly respected to preserve the definition of the noble profession of a doctor.

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