A century-old Sherbet Shop

Kolkata is the city that perfectly blends the old and new worlds together. There are many things that one can find in every corner of this city that will take you back to the old world and make you nostalgic. Today we are talking about a hundred and ten-year-old sherbet shop in the north Kolkata. The shop’s name is Kapila Ashram, it is named after a sage. The shop was set up by Hrishikesh Srimany in 1907.


Srimany imported raw materials from different states and made the essences himself. His progeny Dibyendu Ghosh still carries that tradition and for them, quality and taste come forth. Most popular sherbets of this shop are ‘Kesar Malai’, ‘Abar Khai’, and ‘Rose Malai’. During the peak seasons, Dibyendu claims to sell above 500 glasses. In addition to these exquisite sherbets, they also sell fruitcakes and other varieties of cakes which they make in the Srimany factory without any preservatives and baking powder.

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