Exams over? Head to these 10 places

Okay this is for the exam students out there, we know how you feel, a free bird stuck in cage. Exam session 2018 is upon you and that unfortunately means that you're most likely stuck inside your room, books scattered all over your bed most of the time, thinking when will this horrendous exam end! The Weather has started to change and soon it will kill us with sun rays and humidity and then there is rain to spoil the run. Don't worry we got your back.

We know that you are making up plans where to fly down as soon as your exam ends. Every now and then amidst the hectic schedule you're deciding the destination, where you can go bonkers. Luckily for you, the exam season will end very soon and this is where the fun begins.

Refreshment for the mind is needed; you need to find solace amidst the tranquillity of forests and uncovering the secrets hidden in the caves. Well for that you believe you will have to dent your piggy bank balance. Well the answer is NO. Luckily, we have found 10 some of the best tourist destinations where you can visit with family and friends.

10. Itanagar

Enjoy the Accommodation at Affordable home-stays

9. Darjeeling

Top quality tea and great ambiance comes at a minimum pocket pinch

8. Pushkar

Enjoy the free camel ride

7. Ooty

Enjoy the Goodness of cocoa butter chocolate

6. Alleppey

Explore Nature's Beauty with no strings attached

5. Jaipur

Cheap and easy Gateway

4. Goa

Where you can enjoy your cheap thrills

3. Pondicherry

Free stays at Ashram

2. Kodaikanal

Enjoy quality and taste food at unbelievable low cost

1. Kasol


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