Let’s get real for a minute. Being a social butterfly is very hard work. If going out and meeting people and posting the pictures on facebook on a regular basis have made you groan at least once, then join the club. We don’t enjoy socializing much either. The truth is it’s not like you hate people or anything, it's just you prefer them but in prescribed doses.

If you hate putting on party pants as much as you hate faking a smile, then here are a few signs that socializing isn’t your cup of tea.

The moment you see that group chat lighting up, you know you’re in trouble. You feel it’s better to doze off rather than checking out those lengthy group messages.

Before you know it, you automatically start rolling eyes at ‘Hey there! How you doin’?’

You're default emoticon in chats is usually this because you’ve got nothing to say.

Honestly, you’d rather be in bed taking an extended nap.

It’s not like you’re a loner. It’s just that you’d rather chill alone.

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